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A cappella, four-part harmony is one of the most rewarding - and fun! - accomplishments in singing. We welcome women of all skill levels, with the knowledge that their abilities are as varied as they are, to participate in this intriguing art form.  It’s the coming together of these unique voices, talents and experiences that creates the space for an exciting ensemble.

Whatever the tone of your voice, there is a singing part for you.

Bytown Beat Chorus is always looking for new members. 
No formal musical training required

We hold our rehearsals at the Orleans United Church, 1111 Orleans Blvd, Mondays at 7:00 p.m. In addition to learning to sing as a harmony team, at our rehearsals members receive vocal lessons and learn choreography and performance skills to get the message of the song across to the audience. We are encouraged to be both technically correct and to ‘live’ the interpretation of our songs through emotive expression. These skills remain a challenge to every member of a chorus, no matter how much experience they have. There is always something more to learn.  And there is always help to be had.

Here's what our Chorus members have to say

“My first night attending rehearsal I was just blown away by the caliber of the singing.  Many of the notes resonated right through me and gave me goose bumps!”

“When I was in high school  I used to love being part of the school theatricals, and glee club.  I now get that spark of excitement and the fun of performing in front of an audience, participating in Bytown Beat sing outs and musical productions.”

“The chorus provides me with a real break from daily concerns and my busy family. 
I never want to give up this time for me.”

“I love that our Chorus is a true community, made up of individuals from every sort of background, of every age, each with a different story to tell and unique skills to offer.”